Website Design Made Simple

Websites That Work, Hand-Built In Essex

Our design process gives you the ability to create a website that not only fits in with your business, but also make you money.

Need help with your website? Register your interest today:

Websites That Work,
Hand-Built In Essex

Our process gives you the ability to create a website that not only fits in with your business, but also generates income.

Need help with your website? Register your interest today:

Speaking Your Language

It can be difficult to wade through the jargon of the online world. At Webwalrus we take time to explain our processes using plain and easy to understand language.

We keep it simple so you can focus on your business.

Designers That Speak Your Language

Great value + great service

Over the years we have honed our system to generate the best value for our customers, whilst still providing excellent customer service.

We're proud to offer our websites from just £19.99 per month

Websites from just £19-99pcm
Websites from just £19-99pcm

Website Design And Support In Colchester

Webwalrus Colchester

At Webwalrus Colchester, we realise that website design is not the same for every customer. You might need E-commerce, a blog, business website - or a combination of services. Whichever kind of website you choose we are here to personalise it to your requirements, and help out with any challenges that come once you have launched.

How To Make Your Website

It can be difficult when you first get going to know what information you need to present on your website, or the best way to organise it. Luckily our sites are created using our tried and tested method. We've created a really simple survey, which helps us find out more about you, your customers and how we can create a website which serves you (and them) the best.

A Portfolio Of Successful Websites

Our customers have come to know and trust us and their websites stand as a working showcase of our abilities. Their site not only demonstrate what they do in their businesses, but also actively add to their turnover, providing a positive income stream for them and a positive return of investment.

Making Money Online

Our E-commerce sites are the most obvious way to make money from your site, but simpler 'brochure sites' can also be a first port of call for potential new customers. But just getting fresh eyes on your products isn't good enough these days. That's why we love to help our customers use technology in the SEO field to work out who is looking at their website, interact with them and ultimately turn browsers into paying customers.

Find Out How Webwalrus Can Help Your Business

Need help with your website?

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Monthly Payments


£19·99 pcm + £250 Start up fee
  • Professionally designed website
  • Choose your own domain name
  • Up to three web pages
  • Your own matching email address
  • Up to 7 stock images
  • Telephone support


£39·99 pcm + £400 Start up fee
  • Professionally designed website
  • Choose your own domain name
  • Up to eight web pages
  • Add extra pages with our builder
  • Five matching email address
  • Up to 15 stock images
  • Your own blog (includes training)
  • Includes logo design
  • Full telephone support


£49·99 pcm + £500 Start Up Fee
  • Everything from the business package plus:
  • Store powered by WooCommerce
  • Add your own products with no limits
  • Shopping cart and checkout system
  • Use vouchers and offer discounts
  • Schedule sales
  • One to one training

'I’m really grateful to Joe and the Webwalrus team for helping out with my website – the end result is beautiful and has really helped out my business. Now we’re all setup I know we can trust the team to help out with any extras that might come along!'

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