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A Great Success

Although we’ve been trading for a little while now and have a few websites under our belt we have never really got around to shouting hello. That all changed last night with our inaugural launch event.

Webwalrus launch event

Fulfil The Needs Of Local Businesses. +Nachos

We’re not sure if it happened to fulfil the needs of local businesses, or whether people just love free food and drink, but the event was a resounding success. Many of our friends from local businesses attended and we certainly enjoyed getting to know everybody a little better. The launch was held at our local Mexican restaurant Amigos. The staff there looked after us really well and put out a huge spread to keep everybody nourished throughout the evening. Although the wonky floor played havoc with our projector, all involved commented on how lovely the staff and the place as a whole were – thanks again guys.

Lead Generation Multiply

Speaking at our event was local businessman and social media guru Leonardo Wood from LGX Marketing, Training & Events. He gave us all a quick lesson in how to better organise our social media strategy. I won’t go into the full details here but the basic idea he promotes centres around using your own blog as the linchpin of your marketing strategy – something that fits very well within our own ethos. I’ll be discussing this in a little more detail in our next blog post but for now I just want to thank Leo for speaking at our event and recommend everyone gets blogging.

Thanks again to all that attended – let me know if you see yourselves (or someone you know!) in the photos by commenting below.



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