Outdated website? Here are three reasons to give it a fresh new look 

When it comes to selling goods and services, first impressions count. With this in mind, a business’ website can be likened to the internet’s version of a high street ‘shop window’: giving browsers a glimpse of what is beyond in order to entice customers in.

As a first impression, a website that is difficult or confusing to navigate, has outdated information, broken links, or an appearance that is in need a revamp, is off-putting for consumers; like a shabby shop on the high street, it can drive customers into the hands of a competitor with a fresher, newer, and more up-to-date site.

Internet users in the UK spend more than 20 hours a week browsing the web, and research shows that most people access information online using their smartphone, rather than a laptop; this gives them the ability to obtain information at their fingertips 24 hours a day.

With 3.75 billion internet users worldwide, if you are a business promoting goods and services, particularly if you are a small business, the outreach potential – on a local, regional, national and even on an international scale – is vast. This gives consumers more choice; however, greater selection goes hand-in-hand with increased competition…so as a business it is important to be ahead of the game.

Three reasons why it is important to update a website:

  1. Gain consumer trust

Websites that look professional gain more trust from consumers and this, in turn, can help turn a customer enquiry into a sale. On the other hand, outdated websites, or poorly designed websites won’t give the right impression. Worse, it can drive a sale away as a customer will assume that this lack of detail extends to other areas of the business and they won’t receive a good service.

  1. Increase sales

Is your website in need of a refresh or overhaul? A website that is attractive, easy to navigate, with up-to-date information and good images, is more likely to lead to a sale as customers will spend more time on the site. What you don’t want is a customer to click on dead links, incorrect content information, or broken pages and abandon your site in frustration to buy from a competitor with a more user-friendly version.

  1. Drive traffic to your site

Adding more content and updating your website can lead to higher rankings in the search engines. If you site is refreshed, with regular content and more keywords, Google will notice your site is updated and active and this, in turn, could lead to a greater presence online.

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