Christmas is the ideal time to step up your email marketing strategy as customers will be on the look-out for gift ideas and special offers. Plus, you can use email marketing as an opportunity to let your Essex customers know relevant information, such as opening hours, delivery times, and when your customer service lines will be manned over the festive period.

Before you start your email campaign, think about the type of customer you want to attract and consider: what’s in it for them this season? The chances are they’ll want value for money, discounts, gift ideas and be the first in-line to buy new products.

With this in mind, here are Webwalrus’ three top tips for a Christmas email marketing campaign:

Have a Festive Subject Line

Email marketing during the holiday period can boost sales and put you ahead of the competition as subscribers will be on the hunt for good deals. You can capture customers’ attention by giving each of your subject lines a festive slant. Examples are: ‘Top Ten Xmas Gift Ideas’, ‘Ten Traffic Shopping Festive Outfits, or ‘Five Ways to Sparkle at Your Work-Party’, with links to relevant products on your website.

Create a Sense of Urgency

A time-limit in your subject line will prompt your customers to buy now, rather than wait until later the following year. ‘50% off [add product here] from now until Christmas Eve’, is one way to draw your customers in. As is: ‘Xmas Gifts So Popular They’re Flying off Our Shelves’, ‘Secret Santa Gift Ideas – Get them Now’, or ‘Countdown begins – Bumper Christmas Sale Starts in Four Hours’. Discounts on seasonal goods for a limited time will encourage your customers to open their wallets.

Be as Creative as Possible

Feel free to unleash your creativity in your Christmas email marketing campaign. With the party season upon us, have fun with your subject lines and don’t be afraid to use humour. A witty subject line will encourage people to open their email. Think about using a play on words, such as: ‘Yule adore…’, or use this opportunity to reward subscribers who introduce a new customer. An example of this is: ‘Up to 20% Bonus – 5 Ways to Give and Receive this Xmas’.

If you are looking to boost your sales with an email marketing campaign in the Essex region, contact the experts at Colchester-based Webwalrus today!

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