The Pros of Mobile Apps for Your Business

More than 75% of people in the UK use a Smartphone, demonstrating just how essential our handheld devices have become. Browsing on the small screen, and on the move, is on the rise as figures released by Ofcom in 2014 show mobile web browsing now exceeds laptop and desktop use.

Android or iOS (iPhone operating system) mobile apps allow for greater customer interaction with businesses or organisations; For example, people can scan items from a magazine and take them to the checkout with the Net-a-Porter App, order coffee with the Starbucks App, go online shopping with the Amazon App, link up to social media with the Facebook App, and do a yoga workout with a fitness app.

Even on a small scale an appealing, easy-to-use app – that you can download via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store – will give you an edge over the competition as it can enhance your business profile and lead to increased sales.

Developing apps can be a daunting and expensive process; however, it doesn’t have to be. To make it easy for you, you can use your website as a basis for an app. Webwalrus can show you how to port your existing website over into an app, and add more dedicated app content or features.

These additional features could be anything from Geolocation, to show your closest stores, uploading photos taken on your smartphone, or assisting with services, support calls or live chat. For example, an app can enable the user to find out more about a product or service, get familiar with an exchange policy, or take photographs to obtain a quote for home improvements or repairs.

Homescreen push notifications from your installed app are an excellent marketing tool. They work a bit like an SMS and alert customers who have downloaded the app to anything from sports scores to new products. As they are targeted only to interested parties – those who have downloaded the app – they have an average open rate of 90%, which gives push notifications the edge over email marketing and Adwords. All the more reason to consider an app to enhance your businesses’ online marketing!

If you are looking to create a competitively-priced mobile app for your business, contact the team at Webwalrus.

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