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Our websites include technology that ensures just the right sized images are delivered to your device's browser. This makes for lightning fast loading times - even over slower mobile connections.

Make your website super fast and efficient with Webwalrus.

Responsive Design

Search engines now favour websites with mobile-ready responsive designs which fit to any display size. To rank well in search results modern websites include this design feature as standard

Mobile-friendly sites that please customers and Google too.

Mobile Friendly and Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design

The vast array of different devices we use to view the internet has meant that the web has had to change fast in recent years. From mobile phones to games consoles, we use them all to go online. To make sure that your website is ready to be viewed on any of these devices, Webwalrus uses responsive design to adapt to any screen size or format.


Mobile friendly web sites

Although mobile phone download speeds have increased tremendously recently, they still lag behind what you might expect from your home broadband connection. So a big factor to remember when designing any modern website is speed optimisation, particularly for those viewing websites on the road. Our designs include mobile optimised images - giving fast download speeds even when your customers are out and about.

Modern Standards Compliant

As the web has evolved it has taken a step back from many of it's older formats which have become old and unreliable. Adobe's Flash for example is steadily becoming a relic which although had been useful for viewing videos and playing games in the past, is now considered too slow, unreliable and inefficient for use on phones, tablets and other mobile devices. If your website uses this technology - it's time for an upgrade. Rest assured Webwalrus websites use modern standards like HTML5, CSS3 and WordPress to host your content in a format that translates well to the modern web.

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