A local dancing community needed a website to attract more people to their group, but on a tight budget. Our starter website scheme was a perfect fit.


This dancing community had a long established website that due to a change of location had now become outdated and beyond the scope of the original volunteer website designer. After moving to the local area, former championship dancers Laurie & Iris Felton asked Webwalrus for our help.


After running through our really simple survey with them we pinned down exactly what they wanted to achieve with their site. They needed somewhere they could advertise their dancing classes, announce their coming events and act as a hub for their community. The three page design was simple enough for us to apply on a tight budget, but flexible – allowing them to add to it themselves moving forward. After a short training session showing them how to add new events to their on-site calendar they were ready to go.

Laurie & Iris Felton

We were unsure about how to set up our community website but Webwalrus helped us out. They made us a beautiful cost effective website that had all the functionality we needed to keep it relevant for our group.

Laurie & Iris Felton

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