Beautiful Tailor Made Wedding Invitations & Stationery


Tailor Made Invites are a stationery design agency, concentrating on wedding invitations. Although they have been trading for a few years they had always found it difficult to showcase their designs. Printed stationery examples are great in the studio, but online they required a real base so they could show off their best work.


The projects area of their website has become a real haven for their creativity. Once a job is finished they can now add it to their projects catalogue so potential customers can see what they have been doing, and gain inspiration for their own weddings. The social media functionality has also become a real boon, meaning they can broadcast any new ideas to the wide audiences online, whilst still maintaining control of their content.

Joe Hewes, Web Designer Webwalrus UK

Twitter and Pinterest have become staple tools for wedding companies. We regularly tweet and pin our work to these great social media sites. They drive a lot of business, so we needed a hub to link everything together. That’s where Webwalrus came in.

Joe Hewes

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