How SEO can enhance your business profile

It is no good having a website if you don’t get any visitors. Of course, it is likely that Google – the world’s number one search engine – will stumble across your site eventually, but it is always best to direct them; and why settle for page ten, when your business could rank on page one for its most important keywords?

What is SEO?

Typing a set of keywords into Google can be likened to searching for a book in a library, with web crawlers and indexers all doing the hard work. Keying in a relevant word, or phrase, into the search engine, could churn out hundreds or thousands of results; however, the chances are users won’t look beyond the first two pages. Harsh when your website appears on page three or later.

The key to improving visibility on the web is ‘search engine optimisation’ (SEO), a term coined by US-based technologist and journalist Danny Sullivan in 1997. By using SEO tactics, you can manipulate the indexing so – when a user types a set of keywords into the search engine – your company appears higher up in the rankings.

With so many organisations vying for attention, without the use of SEO a company, particularly a small business, won’t have the edge on the competition: it will be buried beneath a sea of similar organisations who have employed SEO practices.

The Solution

Need help with SEO? These are just some of the ways you can enhance your company’s profile:

  • Checking your web pages are structured correctly, with the right headers and paragraph tags.
  • Ensuring you use ‘Google My Business’ so your organisation appears in local searches and maps.
  • Making sure the information on ‘Google My Business’ matches what is on your website.
  • Adding Alt-tags to images to give the search engine crawlers descriptions, so they can index them properly.
  • Providing internal links to connect pages on your website, indicating the most important pages on your site.

Essex-based website design company Webwalrus will optimise your website from the start. Once your website is up and running, we can continue to work on your on-page SEO.

Register your interest today – quote code FEB2018 to receive a free month of service.

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