Start Your Site...

Search Optimised

Search Optimisation

Start Your Site... Search Optimised

Put Yourself On The Map

One of the most effective methods of upping your SEO game is by adding your content to Google My Business and in turn  Google Maps. It's a simple process, but if you need some assistance we can help!

Remember - SEO isn't a mystery, just a series of small steps to improving your visibility.

Social Media For Extra Kudos

Get Social

Being active on social media like Facebook or Twitter is not just great fun - it can also be beneficial for your bottom line. Businesses active on social media promote an engaged appearance and gain kudos - both from the search engines and customers.

Link social content to your website to maximise your advantage.

Search Engine Optimisation

Considering Search from day one

Our websites come complete with many SEO orientated features built in. We consider optimisation from the very first day of build and have developed our method around this concept. Our specially designed questionnaire has been developed to ensure that we are aiming your website squarely at your target market and that your keywords reflect this.


Baked-In SEO for your website

To make certain that Google and the other search engines know about you we bake-in the following features:

  • Content keyword optimisation
  • On-page metadata including alt-tags for all images
  • Search engine submission from day one of launch
  • Google My Business submission
  • Correct page structure and header tags
  • Keyword optimised page titles
  • Google Analytics code in place

Improving Search As Your Website Grows

As time goes by we love watching your website grow and change with your business. Our subscription model encourages this with continued contact between us allowing you the flexibility to add new content as you go. Extra content on your website is great for your visibility on the search engines, and we'll help you out if you want to get involved in blogging, writing new content or adding new features - all of which are brilliant for your SEO.


SEO Approved by Footprint Digital

Approved by Footprint SEOWe're proud to announce that our SEO know-how has been officially approved by some of the best in the business. Our friends over at Footprint Digital have checked over our site and were pleased to award us with their official "SEO approved badge". Well done us!

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