Checklist for 2018

Keeping Up To Date With Your Website

Every year we like to takes stock and make sure that our websites continue to offer brilliant value, as well as staying up to date with the latest trends and technologies that continue to march on. We like to think we’ve always been at the forefront with our team of clued up designers, but what do we think absolutely everyone should have going for their websites in 2018?

Mobile Friendly Design

We’ve spoken before about the benefits of ensuring your website is mobile friendly. Recent stats that we have collected ourselves continue to show that the swarm of smartphones and tablets have made responsive mobile friendly design a complete must. Outdated desktop only websites lose customers even before they have (slowly) loaded. If your website is not mobile friendly in 2018 it’s definitely time to rethink your online strategy.

Up To Date Content

This one is a real no-brainer. You need to ensure your content is up to date. We don’t just mean having a new blog post every now and again (although that definitely helps!) but looking through your website and making sure all the changes that have happened in your business are reflected on your site. Did you forget about your office move? Has the telephone company changed your number? Does your feedback form still work? All of these areas need to be up to date and relevant. Maybe it’s time to update that staff list too…

Easy To Find On Google

Making sure that your “Google Footprint” is still relevant is certainly an area that can easily be forgotten, particularly if you don’t necessarily keep as close an eye on that side of your business as you should. So every now and again it’s worth checking that Google have still got you on their radar. How does your Google My Business profile look? Have you updated your business photos? Have you replied to your reviews? Do you show up in local or national searches? If things are looking stale it’s time to take action.

Android / iOS mobile Apps

Considering whether a mobile app is a good fit for you in 2018 is definitely something a lot of people will be considering this quarter. Mobile apps are great for encouraging repeat business, keeping up to date with customers who might not want to link up with you on social media or more traditional offline platforms (the dreaded breakfast meetings!). If your app is installed on your customers home screen it can act as a direct sales pathway – something that can inform your customers of your latest deals immediately, with a much higher read rate than any email marketing can hope to achieve. We’re not saying everybody needs a mobile app in 2018 – but it’s certainly one to consider.

Webwalrus Can Help

If you’re small business doesn’t have a scope for an in-house web design team then Webwalrus can help out. We’ll gladly help whip your standing website in to shape, can advise on how to improve (or start) your Google My Business profile. We can even help out with cost-effective mobile app development and marketing. To find out how we can help you best me an email: or give me a call on 01206 430311

Joe Hewes

Joe is head honcho at Webwalrus web design. An avid internet enthusiast he has been building websites since 10 B.C. (Before Chrome).

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