Web Design In Colchester

Effective Modern Design

The latest designs and an in-depth knowledge of developing online mean that our sites are always up to date.

Plus our economy subscription scheme can help you spread the cost of your website with easy monthly payments

Stay ahead of the curve with a Webwalrus website

Cutting-Edge Stability

We custom build our websites for you using modern standards compliant technology. Giving you up-to-the-moment design whilst maintaining rock-solid security and stability. With automated backups and support all day long.

You can trust us to keep control of your website.

Website Design In Colchester

Easy Sign-Up And Start

At Webwalrus we like to make starting your new website as easy as possible. While some companies insist on long meetings and an extended process, we've designed our startup so that you can get going from the comfort of your own office (or armchair!). Contact our team today and begin the process by answering some simple questions right in your browser.

Getting Started

We like to call this part of our process the Really Simple Survey. It's designed to be easy to fill out and gives us all the information we require to get your website up and running as soon as possible. Request a free consultation and we'll go through everything together finding out about your business and your website requirements. Once we've submitted your survey we'll build your site using our own Webwalrus site builder, based on an industry standard code base.

Modern Responsive Websites Made In Colchester

All of our websites are designed from the start to be fully responsive (meaning they work on any device) and full of modern features, like drag and drop design, blogging, social media and SEO integration. We use our system to build all of our websites (including our own!) and if you'd like you can even try it out yourself.


Bring Your Own Content And Photos

If you've got an existing website you'd like to bring into the Webwalrus fold for a makeover that's a brilliant place to start. We will be able to advise on any improvements that might be required to get your content up to speed for the modern web.

We'd love to see you use your own photos and images, but don't worry if you haven't got any - all of our sites can choose from our library of images instead if required.

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